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Chris Vickers created the first BILY Card as a way to cheer up his girlfriend. She was feeling down and they were in a long distance relationship and he didnít want to send a generic e-card or a sappy store bought card. So he put pen to paper and created one that said what he wanted to say and had his personal artistic style. She loved it. Chris continued to make cards for family and friends before the idea turning it into a business. Over the next couple of years Chris worked with his father Gene and later his friend Ian Martell to develop the company called BILY Cards after the purpose of the first card: Because I Love You. The result was a company dedicated to the spontaneous gestures of respect and love that are important to relationships both professional and personal.

Chris at work Founder of BILY Cards, Chris Vickers, is also the mind and hand behind our cards distinctive style. Chris has been involved in art all his life and professionally since 1994. He has created numerous projects in graphic design such as corporate logos, posters and most recently a CD cover for the band Incognito before moving into greeting cards. Chris thinks the idea of cards for those spontaneous occasions is a niche that hasnít been filled by the card industry and hopes that people will come to think of BILY Cards as the next big name in greeting cards.

Ian Where Chris Vickers produces the works for BILY Cards itís Ian Martellís job to market them. Ian has studied Communications and marketing at Simon Fraser University for eight years and has worked with non-profit and political organizations before joining his long time friend Chris in starting and running BILY Cards. To Ian the most important thing about BILY Cards is that itís about the thoughtful gestures that are essential in building and maintaining relationships both personally and professionally.